onsdag 24 maj 2017

Mixed Media Canvas - Love

Hi =) Today I´m here to show a canvas a made. I have used some old paints that I found. But also the new metal vaxes from Prima. Love them!!!!
This canvas is for the May challange over at Words & Paintery.

Old love never rust... and that you can say about my love for horses. I found this hobby when I was ten. My parents did not want me to ride horses, because they were afraid I would get hurt. I didn´t listen!
An own horse was on the top of my wishlist every year for birthday and christmas. I did never get one. So when I turned 20 I bought myself my first own horse!
When I was 24 I left the horses behind me, forever I thought, but I was wrong. I couln´t live without them. So this canvas is, besides my family, the love of my life.... that never rust!

Thanks for stopping by =)


2 kommentarer:

  1. Very beautiful canvas!
    Thank you for joining our challenge at Words&Paintery

  2. Sooooo pretty. Thank you for playing along with Words and Paintery.


Pga av massa Spam på senare tid granskar jag nu alla kommentarer. Tack för att du kikade förbi =)